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Android Lollypop looks much different from its predecessors, thanks to its significantly updated design language. The innovative Android 5.0 has brought new changes to the exciting operating system. It is the biggest update of Android family so far. Android 5.0 has introduced new software that will allow users to enjoy a better experience, and developers to obtain performance and applications projected to the future.

Revamped Notification System

Notifications have also been overhauled. The OS will be able to highlight only those, which considers important for the user, who can also manually choose what to see. The idea is to “respect the privacy” according to Google. This seems too convenient to avoid having an overloaded notifications screen.

More Configuration Options

From Android 5.0 it is possible to transfer files from your Google account, run up and save your applications using NFC (near field communication). Another interesting detail is that the restoration of data and applications by choosing the device you use which turned out to be a fundamental option.

Lock Screen

An interesting feature is to be able to fix the current screen of any application on the screen. To do this you have to enable this option by following the path Settings> Security> Lock Screen. In this way, you can prevent any prankster friends to access your chat.

Multiple Users

The ability to log in with different accounts on the same device is sacred. Unfortunately, until now there was no universal method, which is implemented by all the brands, but the possibility existed or not, depending on your smartphone. Finally is the operating system to offer this feature, which means that any Android with this version will be able to set up several accounts.

Animations And Effects

Android 5.0 offers many new special effects and animations. In general, the system actively responds to every touch and swipe, showing special effects and animations that make the user experience even more complete.

Better Use Of Battery

The final version of Android Lollipop is not yet available, as mentioned earlier, and some small system instability may occur.

The new operating system also offers an advanced power-saving function, which appears in the notifications in accordance with the Material Design. Despite the function is very useful, it has created some difficulties because it automatically changes the colors of the interface, but it would seem to be a way to tell that the system is using fewer resources.

Now Google Is Even Smarter

The voice assistant for Android has undergone some minor modifications, in both design and functionality. First, the search bar is fixed and accessible from any screen, but the interesting thing is the ability to access account settings directly from the menu on the left that we find in the search bar.

Source: Arete Apps